Sweet Baby Olivia

A few weeks ago I was able to celebrate the birth of sweet baby Olivia with her mama, Elise and her husband Jon. She is their first little one! If you have experienced a Southern summer, they are hot and humid and the humidity makes it feel even hotter than it is! And this year, I felt like it was especially humid here in Georgia! Poor Elise, spent her third trimester in this Georgia heat and then as baby girls due date came and past, she was induced a week after her due date!

Fresh 48 sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite moments to capture. All of their sweet details and the emotions from mom and dad are so raw and pure and you can just see how amazed they are with little being they made and brought into the world. And as you can imagine a bit tired and already exhausted they are as well.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Olivia's Fresh 48 session and down below make sure to checkout my 4 Must Have Items for your hospital bag!

5 Must Have Items for Your Hospital Bag

Comfy Clothes

After giving birth to my two little boys I had no desire to stay in my hospital gown afterwards! I wanted something that was comfortable and familiar. I made sure the top was button up so I could do skin to skin and nurse easily. I chose a soft, stretchy pair of loose leg yoga pants, that I still wear around the house today.


I was starving after giving birth and all I was able to get from the hospital afterwards was Jell-O until room service came around. Also, check with your hospital if room service covers your husband. Some hospitals, like the one I gave birth at only covered me and my husband had to share with me or leave and go get food.

Shower Shoes

That first shower after having a baby is magical, but make sure to bring a good pair of shower shoes. As well as your common toiletry items such as toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner and maybe a little make-up to help you feel a little more put together and if you plan on taking any Fresh-48 photos.

Little Fan

Labor and Delivery is a lot of work and it can get hot! Having a small, portable fan that you can attach to the bed rails or have your husband hold will make a world of difference.