Where you deliver has a huge impact on your birth experience. Everything from the environment to the health professionals will determine how you remember your baby’s birth. If you’ve been on the search for the best place for your delivery, I would love to tell you about Piedmont Labor And Delivery. This birthing center combines state-of-the-art technology with passionate providers to ensure you have a positive experience! 

About Piedmont Labor And Delivery

710 Center Street, Columbus, Georgia 31901

Piedmont Labor And Delivery is one of the many local offerings created by Piedmont Healthcare. This state-wide system has spent over a century working to improve medical care for Georgia residents. They offer 1,600 physical locations staffed by over 3,000 Piedmont Clinic members. Because the center offers both general and specialized care, you’ll have access to endless referrals so you can have healthcare that works for you! The system is constantly looking at how they can make healthcare more accessible. With online scheduling and convenient telehealth appointments, you have exceptional healthcare right at your fingertips. 


Piedmont Labor And Delivery offers family-centered care through the Oliva D. Amos birthing center. Before your due date, you can schedule childbirth classes that will leave you feeling completely prepared for your delivery. Once it’s time to deliver, you’ll be placed in one of the 12 private labor and delivery suites. Your support person will have a cozy couch where they can remain by your side through the entire process. 

The wing is staffed by experienced obstetricians, labor and delivery nurses, and maternal-fetal medicine specialists. The team is able to care for patients of every risk level and will make sure you have the tools for a positive outcome. If there are any emergencies throughout your labor, you’ll be taken to one of the three operating rooms on the labor and delivery level. Following your delivery, you will rest in a comfortable space where your baby can remain by your side through the rest of your stay. You can speak with a lactation consultant during your time so you can have expert guidance for breastfeeding. 


Piedmont Labor And Delivery is one of the 9 Piedmont hospitals that feature a Level III NICU. This area is staffed by experts who will do everything to make sure your baby has constant, unrivaled care. The incubators have plenty of space, so your baby is accessible if they need extra attention. The nurses will work with you to have special skin-to-skin time so you can properly bond while prioritizing breastfeeding. 

Give Birth With One OF The Best Teams Around At Piedmont Labor And Delivery

With Piedmont Labor and Delivery, you’ll have a state-of-the-art center for your delivery. Check it out today so you can have the birth experience that’s right for you! 

While you make your birth plan, make sure you include some pictures! I’m a Columbus motherhood photographer as well as a mom myself. I love working with parents to plan gorgeous photo sessions because I know from experience how fast this stage flies by. If you’ve been looking for the right photographer for your delivery, I would love to have a conversation so you can decide if I’m the one for you. Let’s chat soon!

Dad holding his newborn baby in his hand while baby reaches up & touches dad's face at Fresh 48 session in Columbus, GA
Mom sitting in hospital bed having a quiet mom with her newborn son at Fresh 48 session in Columbus, GA.