In the world of photography, there are moments that transcend the ordinary and etch themselves into the very fabric of our memories. The Fresh 48 session I had the privilege of capturing on a sunny December day in 2023 was undoubtedly one of those extraordinary moments—a surprise that unfolded beautifully.

It all began with a surprise text from Whitney on the afternoon of December 12th. A spontaneous admission to the hospital for an unplanned induction had set the stage for an unexpected journey. With a due date of December 25th, I felt a surge of excitement and anticipation, knowing that something truly special was about to unfold.

Eagerly, I prepped my camera gear, knowing that something extraordinary was about to come.. The days leading up to the birth were filled with a sense of excitement and patience, as I awaited the moment I would receive Whitney's text letting me know her little one had arrived and I could come and document the first photos of Whitney and Stephen's newest family member.

The morning of December 14th brought with it the best kind of news—a happy text from Whitney revealing that their baby had made his arrival at 2:08am. A sweet little boy, whom they named Noah, had entered the world, bringing joy and laughter to his parents' hearts. The early arrival and the surprise element added an extra layer of magic to the entire experience.

Whitney and Stephen, two brave souls who had decided to be team green, embraced the mystery of their baby's gender until the very end. During our Fresh 48 session, Whitney shared the beautiful journey of choosing Noah's name. Deep down, she had felt a connection to having a boy, and the name Noah had manifested itself like a gentle beacon throughout her pregnancy. Choosing girl names had proven to be a delightful challenge, but Noah had become a constant, a name that seemed destined for their family.

Noah's Fresh 48 session was a symphony of emotions as I witnessed Whitney and Stephen's genuine love and joy and seeing them rise into parenthood. The room echoed with soft laughter, tender touches, and the overwhelming warmth of a new family being born.

There was an undeniable magic in the air—the kind that only a Fresh 48 session can capture. Every click of my camera shutter felt like freezing time, preserving the pure and unfiltered love that enveloped the room. Whitney and Stephen, with hearts full of love, welcomed Noah into their arms, creating a tapestry of moments that would become cherished memories.

As I left the hospital, my heart felt light, and my spirit was lifted by the beauty of this unexpected journey. Baby Noah had not only arrived as a surprise but had also brought with him an abundance of joy, love, and a sense of wonder that filled the crisp December air.

Here's to Whitney, Stephen, and their adorable baby Noah—a testament to the unpredictable, yet beautiful, twists that life can take. May your days be filled with endless love, laughter, and the magic that only a December surprise can bring.

Expecting a little one...

Capturing those precious moments with your newborn during the first few weeks is a passion that fills my heart with joy. If you're expecting a little one and seeking a newborn photographer in the Columbus, GA area, I would be honored to be a part of this special journey with you. Every tiny detail, every fleeting expression – I strive to freeze these magical moments in time, creating cherished memories for you and your family to treasure forever. Let's connect and discuss how we can beautifully capture the essence of your new beginning. I look forward to the opportunity to share in the joy of your growing family.