A Shining Light.

That is what the name Eleanor means, a shining light. When I arrived for Eleanor's lifestyle and newborn session she was wide awake. Comfy in the arms of her Dad, looking around alert to every sound and movement. While she ate and we waited for sleep I spoke with her parents, David and Riley. David is in the Army and stationed at Fort Benning and Riley is a realtor serving and helping families in the Georgia area while also managing a handful of rentals and AirBnBs. I always love asking how parents decide on a name, especially names that have a timeless and classic vibe to them. Did they find it randomly in a book and like the sound? Was it a family name passed from generation to generation? Eleanor was the name of David's godmother and great grandmother. David described these women as the most kind and saint-like women he had ever known. Women who had helped raise him and become the man he is today. They were kind souls and shining lights to the people around them. I may have only been around Eleanor for a few hours but I got so many sweet little smiles from her that I think she will have the same gentle and kind soul and be a shining light to everyone she meets along the way.

Eleanor's Birth Story

Eleanor entered this world a little earlier than her parents expected. At 35 weeks Riley went in for her OB appointment only to be diagnosed with oligohydramnios. Oligohydramnios is a serious condition where there is not enough amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. She was given steroid shots and asked to come back in a few days. Unfortunately, her amniotic fluid did not increase so Riley was induced. After 24 hours in labor, Riley had a c-section and sweet little Eleanor entered this world ready to make it a brighter place.