Eight sweet weeks with Lucas.

They couldn't take their eyes off him. It was one of the first things I noticed. McKaley and Daniel were completely enamored with the small little bundle that they had carried through my studio door. Lucas was exactly as McKaley had described him in my family session questionnaire. He was a very calm and happy baby with the most adorable and funny facial expressions and very expressive eyebrows! His facial expressions filled our lifestyle session with some hilarious moments and made editing for me a bit more fun than normal.

As a newborn photographer I don't get the opportunity to capture many babies past 14 days, generally when I see them again a few months to a year has passed. Many are starting to sit on their own or have just started walking. While Lucas may have been asleep when he arrived at my studio space, he remained wide awake and alert for his session. Seeing Lucas at 8 weeks made me stop and appreciate just how quickly those newborn days pass and how important stopping to take photos means. Those little hands and feet grow so quickly in those first few months to years!

McKaley and Daniel met at Texas A&M, where they were both students. After college, Daniel's military career brought them to Fort Benning, GA. I'm so glad their journey brought them here, McKaley and Daniel were so sweet and kind and I loved being able to capture this special time for them as they settle into life as family of three and their love for Lucas.