Those two pink lines... yep, you're having a baby! Congratulations!!

Maybe this is your first baby or maybe this is your fifth baby, either way you might be wondering if you should book a maternity session with a Columbus, Georgia Maternity Photographer. Is a maternity session really worth it? What will you wear? What will you do with the photos after your session? As a mom to two little boys and a Columbus, Georgia photographer, I am telling you YES, ABSOLUTELY!

With my oldest I did not do maternity photos, unless you count those bump update selfies I took because I honestly just didn't feel that great during pregnancy. I was working 40+ hours a week at the hospital, wearing compression socks to help with the swelling in my legs, every smell made me nauseous but at least I had fantastic pregnancy hair! But I only have just one photo of my husband and I together with my sweet bump that I cherish so much. I wish I had taken the time to capture a little more of those last few weeks my husband and I had together before we became a family of three. When we were expecting our second I decided to do maternity photos that time around and I am so happy I did! I spent the day getting my nails and hair done, which I was really glad I did because the next time I got to go out and pamper myself my son was almost 6 months old. I picked out a gorgeous dress that made me feel beautiful and we got to capture our family of three for the last time before baby number two came along.

As a newborn photographer I often hear "I'm not sure I need a maternity session" or "I think we will just do newborn photos when baby arrives". I get it, I've been in your shoes. Pregnancy is hard and you may not feel or think you look your best. Doing two sessions so close together may seem redundant and you don't know what you would do with your maternity photos. But as a mom and a newborn photographer I can also tell you so many regret not doing a maternity session. There are plenty of reasons to skip it, but I can give you five reasons why you shouldn't!

Columbus GA In Home Maternity Session

Entry to Parenthood

You're growing a baby, a beautiful little miracle! This little miracle marks a major milestone in the relationship with your husband! Your relationship with your husband is about to change, maybe it's already starting too. Talks are centered on the baby, what's the best paint color for his or her nursery, you're reviewing carseats and the option you feel the safest with choosing to protect your little bundle! You're growing from a couple, from husband and wife to a family and about to inherit one of the best titles you will ever receive, mom and dad. You are about to transition to parenthood.

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Get Yourself Pampered!

For some pregnancy is a great time and that pregnancy glow that you heard so much about just seems to radiate out of them, but for others pregnancy can be really tough! Between morning sickness, swollen ankles and your clothes not fitting correctly it can be really hard to feel beautiful and that pregnancy glow you heard so much about, maybe even witnessed in your friends, seems to somehow of skipped over you.

Getting pampered from head to toe and wearing a beautiful dress that accentuates that beautiful baby bump may be just what the doctor ordered to get you out of those pregnancy blues and feeling like a million bucks!

And when you get your maternity gallery back you might even be surprised at just how beautiful you look and how proud you are of that amazing body of yours for growing a tiny little miracle.

Columbus GA Outdoor Maternity Photography
Columbus GA Husband and Wife Maternity Session
Columbus GA Outdoor Maternity Husband and Wife Photoshoot

Get To Know Your Photographer

A maternity session allows you to get to know your photographer and your photographer to get to know you! I have learned that families I have worked with multiple times are much more at ease with me because they have already met me, all those nerves fade. Maybe your a natural in front of the camera or maybe you or your husband need a little more help with posing, this gives me an idea of how to help during your newborn session and you and your family the chance to understand how I help coach you into poses so I can get those sweet and precious moments of you and your little family!

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Show as Little or as Much Bump as You Want!

Everyone has different needs and levels of comfort. Maybe you're feeling a bit more bold and brave and wanting to really document that growing bump by showing a bit more skin with a sheer or lace robe. Or perhaps you're wanting to do something a little more conservative and elegant and want a beautiful flowy dress, maybe even a little bit of both!

There are so many beautiful and memorable ways to capture that precious time with your bump! Reach out to your photographer and see what they offer in their client closet. You can also make a Pinterest board of looks or poses you love to help your photographer understand the look you wish to achieve!

Columbus GA Outdoor Maternity Session Photographer
Columbus GA Outdoor Maternity Session Photographer
Columbus GA Outdoor Maternity Photographer

Looking Back With Your Little One

"Look that's you in momma's belly!" "Look at how tiny you were!"

These are just a few little phrases you may be saying to your sweet little babe as they sit on your lap looking through their baby album as you come across a few of your maternity photos! While you may not be feeling the best during pregnancy and you may feel like it is the longest nine months of your life, it really does go by so quickly and those pesky symptoms will fade turning into distant memories.

And while your saying that, you will be wondering where the time went! One second they were the size of an orange in your belly, the next your being handed this gorgeous little baby in the hospital and being taught how to swaddle and burp and the next you have a toddler that won't eat anything but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Thinking time is a thief.

You may even be surprised when you're looking back over those maternity session photos and how small your little one used to be when they tell you just how pretty you are!

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