Sometimes, pregnancy feels like an unfortunate opportunity to hear about everyone else’s opinions. Everyone from your great aunt to the cashier at the grocery store wants to tell you all about how they think you should deliver. And while it’s difficult enough to dodge the constant snide comments from strangers, it’s way more frustrating when your provider forces their opinions onto your birth plan. If you want complete control over your delivery, I’d love to tell you all about Birth by Grace Midwifery. This practice is devoted to giving you the final say in your birth plan.  

About Birth By Grace Midwifery

Birth by Grace Midwifery is a practice founded by Christine Taylor, a certified nurse midwife. Christine started in Chicago before moving to Atlanta in 2014. Christine has years of both education and experience. She worked as a labor and delivery nurse for eight years and received her Master’s in Science and Midwifery in 2012. 

Since the very start of her career, Christine has firmly believed in trusting mother’s intuition. She takes care to make delivery a beautiful experience for every client, regardless of whether they deliver in their homes or at the hospital. Since opening the practice, Christine has added an additional midwife and a birth assistant. You can find the practice at 135 Howell Road, Suite C, in Tyrone, Georgia. 


Birth by Grace Midwifery offers guidance for your home birth. Throughout your entire pregnancy, you’ll meet with your midwife. She’ll check on your progress, address any concerns, and have an open conversation regarding anything you need to know. The office will work with you to schedule any lab work or ultrasounds. 

As you near your due date, you’ll have one in-home visit to ensure your space is prepared for your delivery. You can rent a birth pool and liner for your home birth. Throughout your delivery, your birth team will stay by your side and make sure you feel completely empowered. They’ll remain in your house following your birth to clean up and ensure you’re on the road to recovery. Following delivery, you’ll have three postpartum visits.

If you don’t want to commit to a home birth, the practice will let you schedule prenatal appointments and work with a doula for your hospital delivery. This option will ensure you feel educated about your birth and have a fierce advocate within the delivery room. 


As we head into cold and flu season, the practice’s Mama’s Hydration Station will be your new BFF. Birth by Grace offers IVs with vitamin blends that will protect you from rogue viruses, replenish fluids from any morning sickness, and keep you feeling your best through every part of pregnancy!


Birth By Grace Midwifery

With Birth by Grace Midwifery, you can be in control of your own delivery! Check out this practice today to have the birth story you’ve always wanted. 

While you’re building up your perfect birth plan, make sure you book some pictures! I’m a Georgia-based photographer, and it’s my joy to help parents freeze time on the precious newborn stage. If you’ve been considering booking a session to celebrate your growing family, let’s chat so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today to get the conversation started!