Walker's In-Studio Lifestyle Newborn Session

First lifestyle and posed newborn session of the year and he was a cutie! He is the lucky little brother of two big brothers with a lot of fun energy and who loved cuddling and giving sweet Walker all the kisses! I'm sure once Walker is on the move he will be following his big brother's around everywhere!

Baby Walker was absolutely the sweetest snuggly baby for his studio newborn session. Walker and his family were actually a newborn model call, so that I could practice shooting in video and they were so sweet and patient with me. It is always a little nerve racking to be learning something new with an audience but the end result turned out so beautiful! I'm excited to continue to learn and grow creatively while offering family videos in the future for family, maternity and newborn sessions. You can see Walker and his family in my first family film down below as well as some of my favorite images from Walker's newborn session!

Session Details

Walker's session was about 4 hours long. Even though he was only 13 days old he was very alert! After a quick feeding, I wrapped him up and he slowly gave into sleep while I got some sweet pictures of Mom and his two older brothers together. Every newborn session, I like to have a flexible workflow, a grouping of photos that are must haves! Depending on siblings or your newborn my workflow varies from family to family but my grouping helps me keep in order of what photos I have and have not taken.

I always like to start with siblings! I like to get individual and group photos of them sitting or laying down with their newest little brother or sister. Next, full family photos. After this anything with siblings is a bonus! Most siblings last 20 to 30 minutes before they are done and ready to move onto next fun thing! Pictures of Mom and Dad with their newest little family member followed by individual photos of Mom and Dad with baby.

Our entire family session lasted just a little over an hour. If doing an in-studio session, with siblings, I generally suggest Dad take them and go home or run any errands and come back to pick up Mom and baby after family photos are done, which is just what Walker's family did! Two plus hours is a long time for siblings to sit and remain quiet in a small space and generally the quieter and more peaceful the environment is the faster your newborns individual photos will go because they are not constantly being startled awake. For, individual newborn photos I love to focus on capturing all of their precious little details, hands, feet, even those little ears! I make sure to grab some images where they are wrapped and some that are a bit more posed if possible. Of course, with Walker's session I also focused on grabbing little clips of video here and there to create the sweetest little video of him and his family that they can cherish for a lifetime!