If you ask any photographer, whether they're a family, maternity, lifestyle, or newborn photographer, they most likely have a plan for their session. Often, it’s a posing workflow that they have in place to make sure your session runs as smoothly as possible! In that posing workflow, they most likely have a series of shots they love to grab; I know I do! Not only are these shots my favorite, but they are also generally requested in the questionnaire I send out to my families before their session! As I move through my sessions as a Georgia newborn photographer, these poses help me keep track of what I have and have not taken photos of!

5 Must-Have Poses From Your Lifestyle and Newborn Session With Your Georgia Newborn Photographer!

Those Sweet Little Details Georgia Newborn Photographers LOVE

You know those sweet baby details I’m talking about! Hands, feet, and tiny little ears you want to kiss all over! Those tiny little details where you seem to blink, and they are suddenly toddler sized! As a Georgia newborn photographer, I love grabbing these details at my Lifestyle & Newborn and Fresh 48 sessions.

Newborn baby feet and toes details portrait from Columbus GA newborn photographer
Portrait of newborn ear detail at in-home lifestyle newborn session in Columbus, GA.
Detailed portrait of baby holding mom's finger at in-home newborn session in Columbus, GA.

Baby and Siblings

After details, I dive into sibling shots! This is often the most stressful part of the session for the parents, especially if the brother or sister hasn’t entirely warmed up to the idea of being a big brother or sister yet! I tend to have the most success with siblings at the beginning of the session when they’re interested and excited to take photos. But sometimes, this isn’t the case. If they need more time to warm up to the camera, that’s perfectly fine!

If I see an opportunity later in the session where the big brother or big sister is starting to show interest in their newest little family member, I will make a quick little pivot and make sure to capture those precious little moments.

Four older siblings sitting on the bed & holding their newborn baby brother at their lifestyle newborn session in GA.
Portrait of big sister giving newborn baby brother a kiss on the head at Lifestyle newborn session in Columbus, GA.

Dad and Baby

For some reason, babies always just seem even smaller when held in Dad’s hands. Dad’s snuggling and lovin’ on their little ones always melt Mom’s heart and is always a favorite with the grandparents!

Portrait of newborn baby girl being held by Dad at Lifestyle newborn session in Columbus, GA
Dad holding and giving newborn baby girl a kiss on the nose at newborn session in Columbus, GA.
Portrait of Dad snuggling newborn son and giving him a kiss at Lifestyle Newborn session in Columbus, GA.

Mom and Baby Photos

This may be my favorite portion of the session as a Georgia newborn photographer! I love focusing on Mom and her newest little bundle of happiness. As a mom of two little boys, I feel like there are very few photos of my babies and me because I’m always behind the camera. The ones with me in them tend to have an “I just rolled out of bed.” vibe to them, with my hair in a messy bun, no makeup on, and one of my old college sweatshirts on.

I love spending this time focusing on Mom and making sure she is comfortable. She did just have a baby, after all! However, I also want to ensure she knows how wonderful and gorgeous she is! And whether it’s her first baby or her third, make sure she knows she is doing a fantastic job! Motherhood is tough; after childbirth, with all the hormones and big emotions, it can feel a little overwhelming. I want the mothers I serve to know they are loved and cherished and that I’m here to help them in any way I can during their session with me!

Portrait of Mom sitting with newborn baby girl resting on her lap and gazing down at her
Portrait of a mother standing and holding her newborn son backlit from the window at in-home newborn session.

Newborn Family Photos

If siblings are in attendance, I will generally try to do family photos right after sibling photos. Again, I want to get as many photos with siblings as possible while they are engaged and interested in taking photos. Sometimes after sibling photos with their new little brother or sister, they need a little break from the camera, and that’s okay! While they are taking a little snack break or playing with the little basket of toys I have set out for siblings, I can pivot into photos of Mom and Dad alone with their newest little family member before returning to family photos!

Portrait of family of five at their in-home lifestyle family session in Columbus, GA.
Portrait of family of four at cuddling at their in-home lifestyle newborn session.
Portrait of family of three and their dog snuggling their newborn baby girl at their in-home lifestyle newborn session.

Georgia Newborn Photographer

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