One of the best things for your child’s development is letting them be a little adventurous. It’s great for them to climb and explore so they can gain firsthand knowledge of the world. The only issue is that children don’t always understand limits. They know swinging on the swings at the park is thrilling, so why would swinging on the curtains be any different? If you’re looking for a way to protect your little adventurer, the first thing you should do is find a pediatrician who will take care of your child through every scheme and illness. At Columbus Pediatric Associates, you’ll have access to exceptional providers dedicated to helping your child feel their best! 

About Columbus Pediatric Associates

500 Brookstone Centre Pkwy 

Building 100

Columbus, Georgia 31904

Columbus Pediatric Associates is an office that features Dr. Donna Yeiser as well as nurse practitioners Kamie Theobald and Krista Cassel. The woman-run practice specializes in providing unparalleled care from the first days of your baby’s life. They offer breastfeeding classes to prepare you to nurse before your baby is even born. They also give you the chance to sit down with them before your due date so you can be sure this is the practice for you! The practice provides care for children up to the age of 18. They use a Patient Portal to schedule appointments, pay bills, and view medical records as simply as possible. The office accepts most major insurance companies, including Peachstate, through Medicaid. 


Columbus Pediatric Associates has built up quite a reputation for their preventative care. From your child’s first few days of life, you can start scheduling regular visits so your provider can keep them in optimal health. During these appointments, they’ll look at growth, go over signs of development, and have an open discussion about your child’s progression. The office will make sure you feel confident in your child’s care. They can answer any of your questions, including concerns regarding vaccines. Their goal is to build up a relationship with you and ensure you trust them entirely with your family’s wellness. 

The practice is excellent about scheduling visits when your child doesn’t feel well. They will work to get your child seen the day you call. The office provides virtual care through Telemedicine as well as an answering service for after-hours care. Their website has additional resources, so you always have the information you need. 


Columbus Pediatric Associates also provides specialty services such as sports physicals, ADHD diagnosis and treatment, pre-op exams, and molluscum contagiosum treatment. They’re able to do most laboratory tests and services within the office. Their lactation courses are available for both expecting mothers as well as moms who might be struggling to breastfeed. 

Columbus Pediatric Associates

Columbus Pediatrics Associates is here to take care of your family from the first moments of your child’s life. Check them out today so you can have reliable care! 

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Portrait of a mama kneeling and giving her son on the forehead at their family session in Columbus, GA.
Portrait of a mother kneeling and holding her babies by Columbus, GA photographer.