Oh my goodness, just look at this sweet little newborn baby boy!

Not only does he have those adorable chunky cheeks but look at all that hair! I rarely get newborns with this much hair and as much as I love a cute baby boy in a bonnet or sleepy cap, I love it even more with all that hair peaking out!

Thomas Jose, aka Baby TJ, while not a total surprise to his parents made his entry into the world on January 17th via a scheduled C-section, just a few weeks prior to his due date. Even though a whopping 9.3 pounds he was immediately taken to the NICU. After 5 days in the NICU Baby TJ graduated and was able to go home with his mom, dad and finally meet his big sister Peyton! Capturing families grow and celebrating these beautiful milestones and moments with them is something I love and cherish so much and I am so thankful and honored to have been able to play a small part in these moments!

TJ's Newborn Session

TJ's in studio lifestyle and newborn session was full of the sweetest smiles, not only from TJ but big sister as well. Though, I might have had to work a little harder and dance to a little bit of Elvis to get those big sister smiles! Peyton was one of the youngest siblings I have had the opportunity to photograph, and while she still wasn't exactly sure of her new baby brother, her parents were so encouraging and patient with her and we got some really precious photos of her and her newborn brother and family. TJ was absolute perfection for his newborn session, with a quick little bottle before I wrapped him up for family photos and another right before his individual posed newborn photos he slept the entire session!

I always love asking moms what were a few of their favorite items they packed in their hospital bag and if there were any items they regret not packing or wish they had packed. This is what TJ's mom Jordan had to say:

"My favorite things [hospital bag items] are adult diapers, angled peri bottle and shampoo and conditioner! I always want to wash my hair after I have a baby. This time we regretted not packing dish soap and a bottle brush. Since he was in the NICU, I was pumping in my room and bringing bottles to him. We had so many dishes, it would've really helped to have dish soap and a bottle brush!"

TJ's Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Session