Prenatal yoga is a safe, effective, beneficial form of exercise for moms-to-be. Yoga classes are designed specifically for expectant moms to increase flexibility, promote feelings of wellness, decrease aches and pains common during pregnancy, and allow them to form a like-minded community with other pregnant moms. These fitness studios with prenatal yoga in Columbus, GA offer amazing prenatal fitness classes for moms so they can feel their best all throughout pregnancy. 

Two High Quality and Accepting Fitness Studios For Prenatal Yoga In Columbus, GA

Novo Fitness Studio

8186 Veterans Pkwy

Building 2

Columbus, GA 31909

Novo Fitness Studio strives to keep moms and babies safe, happy, and healthy throughout all stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy is an exciting, important time in a woman’s life and should be celebrated. Whether you’re trying to conceive, currently expecting, or newly postpartum, focusing on whole-body wellness is important for moms and babies. Classes at Novo Fitness Studio focus on consistent, safe exercise routines that remain safe throughout all stages of pregnancy. Moms-to-be can stay fit throughout their pregnancy and prepare themselves for the challenge of childbirth. Staying active during pregnancy can even help with postpartum recovery. 

Novo Fitness Studio in Columbus focuses on prenatal and postnatal exercise. All classes are low-impact and are safe and effective throughout all stages of pregnancy. Instructors always help clients modify exercises as needed. Teachers train to help pregnant women establish a doable, fun exercise routine to help them experience a wonderful pregnancy. 

It is important not to overtrain or add intense fitness classes during pregnancy. However, under a doctor’s clearance, it is typically safe for pregnant women to continue with their typical exercise level all throughout pregnancy as long as they feel able to do so. Buti Yoga classes can be taken anytime after the first trimester. But heated yoga classes should be avoided. 

Aloha Moon Yoga

Columbus, GA

Aloha Moon Yoga created a community of like-minded individuals connected by their passion for offering wellness services and classes to everyone in the Columbus area in a safe, supportive, welcoming environment. This studio provides public and private yoga classes, wellness coaching, fitness classes, sharing circles, workshops, and more. 

Amy Nicole Reed is a yoga instructor at Aloha Moon Yoga who has been passionate about her practice since 1999. She has been a certified instructor since 2016 and has been an advanced instructor since 2018. She specializes in children’s yoga and prenatal yoga and is studying to become a certified yoga therapist through IAYT in Columbus, GA. 

Prenatal yoga classes at Aloha Moon Yoga include postures and breathing techniques that promote flexibility and strength in a safe way for pregnant moms. Group prenatal classes help moms-to-bee enjoy a supportive, loving, caring community where they can share information with one another as they undergo the many challenges of pregnancy. You need to experience for prenatal yoga classes - they welcome all. These prenatal fitness classes strive to be safe, gentle, and challenging workouts to help moms and babies achieve optimal health and wellness. 

Prenatal Yoga Columbus GA

Prenatal yoga in Columbus, GA has many benefits for expectant moms, including increased strength and flexibility, better posture, less stress and tension, and greater strength in preparation for labor and delivery. Taking prenatal fitness classes during pregnancy can even help with postpartum recovery time. These fitness studios in Columbus offer spectacular classes for moms-to-be to stay active in a safe way all throughout their pregnancies. 

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