When Should Newborn Photos in Columbus, GA Be Taken?

As a newborn photographer based in Columbus, GA, I often receive inquiries from parents wondering if it's too late to schedule newborn photos for their little ones. The answer? Absolutely not.

Life with a newborn can be a whirlwind, and sometimes scheduling newborn photos may slip through the cracks amidst the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. As a mom myself, I understand how priorities can shift once baby arrives, and capturing those precious early moments may become a newfound priority or maybe you just need more time to recover from delivery but still don't want to miss out on capturing those newborn details.

While many photographers recommend scheduling newborn sessions between 7-14 days old for that classic sleepy, curled-up look, it's not a hard-and-fast rule. My sessions are very relaxed and laid-back. I've had the pleasure of photographing newborns ranging from 7 days old to 6 weeks old, each session unique and beautiful in its own way. Sure, as babies get older, they may have longer wake windows and be more alert during the session. But fear not! We still incorporate plenty of wrapped poses and gentle setups to ensure we capture those adorable details and fleeting moments. And more often then not, we're lucky enough to capture a few precious sleeping poses for that timeless "newborn look."

I often encourage expecting moms to reserve a date for their newborn photoshoot during the second trimester. This way, you can return home from the hospital, settle in with your new arrival, and then come in for the session when you're ready and feeling more rested.

Where Can I Take Newborn Photos in Columbus, GA?

The Coziest Studio for Your Newborn Photos in Columbus, GA

Step into our cozy home studio nestled in Fort Mitchell, where the warmth of natural light welcomes you with open arms. Here, every detail is carefully crafted to make your newborn photoshoot experience truly unforgettable.

From essential newborn diapers to your yummy snacks and beverages, we've got you covered. And let's not forget about our talented hair and makeup artist, ready to pamper you and enhance your natural beauty with a soft, simple glam look. For momma and your little ones, we have a curated wardrobe to ensure you look and feel your absolute best.

While in-home sessions are an option, there's something special about stepping into our studio sanctuary. No need to fret about tidying up your home or scrambling to make everything camera-ready. Here, everything is meticulously prepared, from the lighting to the furniture and props, ensuring picture-perfect moments every time.

Our home studio has earned a reputation as a "one-stop shop" for newborn photography in Columbus, GA, and for good reason. It's a haven where you can leave your worries at the door, arriving in your comfiest sweatpants and a messy bun, knowing that we'll take care of the rest. So come on in, unwind, and let's capture some magical memories together!

When Should I Reserve My Newborn Photos?

Embrace the joy of documenting your baby's precious first year with us in Columbus, GA! While we strive to accommodate last-minute sessions whenever possible, our calendar tends to fill up quickly, often booking months in advance.

That's why many of our clients opt for our EGrow With Me Collection, a delightful journey through all the milestones of your little one's first year. From capturing the radiant glow of your pregnancy in a maternity session, to those heart-melting newborn photos, an adorable sitter session when your little one is around 6-8 months old, culminating in a joyous family cake smash to celebrate their first birthday, we've got you covered every step of the way!

By reserving your sessions during your second trimester, you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of. We'll handle all the planning, from scheduling hair and makeup to selecting the perfect props and settings, leaving you free to savor the magic of this special time.

Because let's face it, newborn photos are just the beginning of a beautiful journey filled with unforgettable moments. With our Grow With Me Collection, you can cherish each milestone, ensuring that every precious memory is lovingly preserved through the art of photography. So why wait? Let's start capturing those magical moments together!

Who Should You Hire For Newborn Photos in Columbus, GA?

Looking for a photography experience that's as stress-free as it is joyful? Look no further, because we might just be the perfect match for you in Columbus, GA!

At our full-service photography studio, we've got every detail covered to ensure that your time with us is nothing short of magical. Drawing from our own photography journeys, we understand the importance of making families, especially mamas, feel pampered and at ease.

What does "full service" mean to us? It means offering hair and makeup coordination to help you look and feel your absolute best. It means providing a client closet stocked with stylish options for you and your little ones, so you can effortlessly coordinate your outfits. And let's not forget about our cozy studio, where you'll find an array of snacks and drinks to keep you energized and refreshed throughout your session.

With nearly 5 years of experience under our belt, we've mastered the art of wrangling toddlers and charming even the most reluctant husbands into smiling for the camera. Trust us, by the time you leave, you'll be saying, "oh my gosh, that was amazing!"

But hey, don't just take our word for it! Head over to Google and read our rave reviews—our happy clients speak for themselves!

Now, while we strive to be the perfect fit for many families, we understand that we might not be the right choice for everyone. If you're looking for solely baby-focused photos, only a handful of shots, highly posed images, or a different style than what you see here, that's okay! We want nothing more than for you to be thrilled with your photos, so we're more than happy to recommend another talented photographer who may better suit your needs.

Because at the end of the day, what matters most to us is your happiness and satisfaction. So let's create some unforgettable memories together, shall we?

Schedule Your Newborn Photos in Columbus, GA

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