We all have preferences when it comes to the little things. Do you want your latte with oat milk or whole? Are you a cat person or a dog person? Are you Team Logan or Team Jess? If we’re passionate about these decisions, you can guarantee we know exactly what we want for our personal birth experiences! By hiring a midwife for your pregnancy, you can create a birth plan and know that you’ll have assistance to see it through as much as possible. If you’re looking for a provider who will give you control of your delivery, I’d love to tell you about some of the best midwives in Columbus, GA

4 Midwives in Columbus, GA for A True Advocate Dedicated to Your Birth & Health Decisions

Francis - Emory Healthcare

Through St. Francis - Emory Healthcare, you can select from several certified nurse midwives to provide you with prenatal and birth care. At the center, the midwives collaborate with the doctors, giving them a comprehensive approach to their care. 

The hospital is a baby-friendly destination, and their top priority through your delivery is ensuring you can have an easy birth experience followed by immediate bonding with your baby.

Comprehensive Women’s Care of Columbus

Comprehensive Women’s Care of Columbus is a smaller practice with an OB-GYN, a physician’s assistant, and a certified nurse midwife. The midwife, Christa A. Cicora, brings personal and professional experience to every client. 

You’ll meet with her throughout your pregnancy at the practice’s office. When it’s time for delivery, you’ll head to the nearby Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital, where Christa will remain by your side, prioritizing your voice every step of the way.

Growing Roots Midwifery

Parents planning a home birth will love Growing Roots Midwifery. Kelly Graham-Milligan started the practice and provides services for South and Central/Middle Georgia families. 

Kelly is a certified professional midwife passionate about providing parents with holistic care. Throughout your pregnancy, she’ll travel to you or provide you with virtual appointments if appropriate. By your due date, you’ll feel empowered to give birth the way you’d like!

Birth by Grace Midwifery

Birth by Grace Midwifery is a practice of two certified nurse midwives and a doula/birth assistant. The midwives work with you to create a birth plan completely customized to your preferences. 

They assist with home and hospital births and work with families all across metro Atlanta and surrounding counties. Their goal is to provide exceptional care and education to help you make the best decisions for your family. 

Midwives Columbus, GA

By choosing a midwife for your delivery, you’re selecting an advocate to help you have the birth experience you’ve always wanted. Check out these midwives in Columbus, GA, so you can have the best delivery for you! 

While creating your birth plan, don’t forget to schedule some pictures! I’m a Georgia-based photographer, and I know how important it is to capture every single second of this gorgeous stage. I adore working with parents to give them memories they’ll be able to carry for years to come. If you’re looking for a photographer to celebrate your little one, I’d love to connect and tell you more about my sessions. Contact me today to get the conversation started.