There’s a good chance you’ve known exactly what you want for your birth plan since the beginning of pregnancy. Now, the only thing left is finding a provider to empower you through it all. In some areas of the country, it can feel like building a holistic birth plan requires getting used to many doors closing on your face. If you’ve been searching for a provider who will work for you throughout your pregnancy and delivery, let me introduce you to your new BFF: Kelly Graham-Milligan at Growing Roots Midwifery

About Growing Roots Midwifery

Kelly Graham-Milligan has been passionate about women’s health since childhood. Her mother was an avid feminist, and Kelly learned from her activism early on. As she grew up, she decided she wanted to help women take control of their own birth experiences. She attended her first birth in 2009 and began to travel so she could learn from cultures around the globe. 

Since then, she’s combined her formal studies with her own experiences to provide women with evidence-based care for their pregnancies. She believes birth should be treated as a natural part of life rather than a medical emergency. She focuses on maternity deserts throughout Central and Southern Georgia, from Valdosta to McDonough. 


Kelly provides her patients with comprehensive prenatal care from the first weeks of pregnancy. Because her primary focus is on global assistance, she offers virtual visits throughout your pregnancy. You’ll meet with her for hour-long visits, and she’ll guide you to prepare you for your delivery. You can also choose in-person appointments. She’ll travel to you, provide ultrasounds from the comfort of your home, and perform any necessary bloodwork.

Part of Kelly’s mobile services include home births regardless of where you’re located. Kelly will bring all the birth supplies to you and will ensure you feel empowered through every stage of labor. Kelly brings two birth assistants and a doula to every delivery, so you’ll have an expert birth team. Following labor, you’ll receive postpartum herbs and teas to help you on your road to recovery. 


Kelly adores using her experience to educate others. When she’s not educating mothers as they prepare for birth, she’s providing lectures to professionals so they can grow their practice. If you’d like to learn more about Kelly’s philosophy, you can reach out to her, and she’ll teach at your facility, no matter where you’re located. 

Growing Roots Midwifery

You deserve to have options when it comes to your delivery. With Kelly Graham-Milligan at Growing Roots Midwifery, you can have a holistic home birth that puts you in charge of your birth story! 

While making your birth plan, don’t forget to book some pictures! I’m a Georgia-based photographer, and I know from my own experience that the newborn weeks can be a total haze. I want to work with you to freeze time so you can hold onto the memories forever. Whether you want to take pictures within your nursery or prefer a stress-free studio experience, I have you covered! Contact me today so we can plan a session that lets you celebrate your growing family.

Portrait shot of a beautiful maternity bump in cream lace held by mom and dad's hands in Columbus GA.
Portrait of a husband and wife standing close together and smiling at their maternity session in Columbus, GA.