While having a fantastic OB-GYN is one of the best things you can do for your personal health, finding one can be pretty tricky. By their very nature, these appointments can make you feel vulnerable, and one bad visit is enough to make you never want to go back again. Plus, many women are all too familiar with the feeling of being ignored by their doctor. It’s enough to make searching for a new doctor feel downright impossible. If you’re searching for a compassionate doctor who will make you feel like a priority, I would love to tell you all about St. Francis OB-GYN Associates. This fabulous practice is here to ensure you get the care you deserve! 

About St. Francis OB-GYN Associates

St. Francis Medical Group is a practice with 17 offices around Columbus, Georgia. The network covers various specialties, including primary care, psychiatry, neurology, sports medicine, and more. The women’s care department is full of passionate physicians and midwives ready to help you take control of your healthcare. From pregnancy help to regular appointments, they’ll ensure you have care completely personalized to your needs. You can find the practice at 2300 Manchester Expy b001. 


St. Francis OB-GYN Associates offers exceptional care starting in adolescence. They’ll work with you throughout your first visit to ensure you feel comfortable. The office provides regular women’s exams and will address any concerns you might have. From family planning options to menstrual issues, they’ll pair you with solutions that work for you. 

The practice offers minimally invasive surgery for various conditions and performs the procedures through St. Francis Women’s Hospital. The office makes care fast and accessible. Established patients can receive same-day services and access to a 24/7 on-call line. The medical records are stored electronically, so your medical team will have instant access to any necessary information. 


One of the best parts about St. Francis is its unparalleled approach to prenatal care. The practice understands that every woman has their preferences regarding delivery. While they have skilled physicians who will offer you a modern approach to care, their certified nurse midwives are here to give you an alternative option. 

You can find a midwife who will help you create a birth plan tailored to your preferences and ensure your voice is heard when it’s time for delivery. The practice delivers at St. Francis Women’s Hospital and gives you access to multiple birthing tools and anesthesia options. 

St. Francis OB-GYN Associates

At St. Francis OB-GYN Associates, you’ll find medical care that works for you! Check out the center today to find providers dedicated to exceptional women’s care. 

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